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About This Site

About This Site

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The Vision

The Waitakere Online Website is an electronic gateway into Waitakere City. Its vision is to provide information, interaction, promotion and communication for all of its users. It has been developed with the potential to become the homepage of choice for all residents, businesses and visitors to Waitakere City.


Waitakere City Council, along with key external stakeholders, has been working toward a vision to enable Waitakere to develop as a high tech City. The creation of a Portal web site to serve all of the people of Waitakere was identified by the community as a mechanism to deliver this vision.

In forming a strategy to drive this project, Council has worked alongside members of the Waitakere EcoTech Working Party, a mixture of representatives from the community, local businesses and social service groups. Waitakere City Council has supported this initiative by hosting and building the site, and its unique look and capabilities have been developed in partnership by the Council and members of the public.

An Editorial Board has been formed to govern this web site during the development and incubation phase of the project. The board has been formally mandated by Council to make decisions on the control and management of this electronic gateway, and is responsible for helping to deliver the Waitakere Online vision. The Board comprises of members of Council staff and community representatives, and is currently chaired by an elected member. It is envisaged that this structure may change as the Portal develops and other community stakeholders become more heavily involved in this project.

The Objectives

The long term objectives of the project are:

  • To provide an easy to use and dynamic searchable and user-maintainable electronic registry of community, business and government information.
  • To support local and international business development and employment growth in the City by providing access to electronic development resources both within and outside the City.
  • To provide a simple hosting space.
  • To provide an electronic discussion space.
  • To provide accurate and timely information about local government decisions and processes.
  • To provide a web-based vehicle for communicating the Waitakere EcoTech vision.

The Future

Waitakere Online is a community owned asset. Its future will depend on public support for this project across the business sector, from community organisations, and by the residents of Waitakere City. The site will grow as its visitors contribute to its content and the public support its expansion of links and services. The board invite you to explore this site, promote its capabilities, and value it as your own.

The board welcome any feedback on what you would like to be able to see and do on the site. Contact us with your comments.

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